OK… Here’s the story

Based in North Devon, where the Atlantic meets the moors to be exact, the team are used to extreme environments!

The brains behind RHIP have over 30 year’s experience of supplying rugged cases and backpack systems for very demanding applications.

The RHIP system developed out of a watertight dive pack designed to protect rugged tablets for UK Special Forces.

The success of this first pack got us thinking…what if…

…there was an alternative option to carrying a heavy watertight case?

…it could be modular, and all the sizes fit together?

…it could be made out of high quality durable materials?

…there was a backpack option?

…it was designed to be at home on the sea or land?

It’s taken nearly 3 years to develop but we think we’ve cracked it!

RHIP is a modular series of 3 sizes of watertight packs. These clip together using a unique system of magnetic catches that locate and secure the packs to an ergonomic harness in a convenient carry-on size unit.

Made here in the UK using high quality tri-laminate material, triple stitched, and urethane sealed, combined with watertight YKK zips – this really is a ‘bag for life’.

We’ve even included a neat oral inflator/deflator so whether on or in the water you can adjust to suit the application.

…and when we say watertight, we mean it, every pack is tested in house down to 20m.

Anyway, that’s enough information for now, you need to have a look for yourselves.

Come and see RHIP and the range of accessories at the big launch –

SOUTHAMPTON BOAT SHOW .  14-23 Sept 2018 .  stand F062 . www.southamptonboatshow.com

DVD2018 .  19-20 Sept 2018 .  stand C3-205 .                                                 www.theevent.co.uk

Or just drop the team a line if you can’t make it the show.


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