The RHIP System has some unique features you may not have seen on any other product. So here some guidance to make sure you get the most out of it! 

The Harness
The workhorse of the range. Designed to take;
1 equipment pack
2x Dive packs
1x Dive pack with a courier pack
a complete set of RHIP packs

We realise that one size fits all doesn’t always work. So the team have built in a lot of flexibility making it easy to adapt to fit the wearers requirements.

Both the harness top position and the back-support pads can be adjusted using the multiple slotted positions.

‘V’ Buckles
The patented fastener technology offers a number of advantages: it enables automatic closing and allows the fasteners to be opened in a user-friendly manner with just one hand – even when wearing gloves.

To close simply place the stainless-steel flap close to the receiver plate and let the magnets do the rest! To open pull/tilt the flap away from the receiver plate. Small magnets in the webbing can be used to hold the receivers back when not in use.

Snap Pull A user-friendly fastener that secures the bottom of the packs. The fasteners will automatically locate and lock when the packs are offered up to the harness/pack. To release simply pull the RHIP tag.

The Zipper
Slowly move the slider when operating. Angular pulling may cause element mis-engagement and may result in poor waterproof performance or zipper damage.

Do not apply excess load to the bottom stop when operating zipper or it may damage the stop or the zipper.

Ensure the zipper is fully engaged to ensure water tightness

We recommend that the Zipper is not engaged in the stopper when flying to allow for pressure equalisation.

Oral Inflator
The oral inflation tube allows for the amount of air in the bag to be controlled, making it positively, negatively or neutrally buoyant. The mouth piece is sprung loaded and needs to be depressed to open the valve.  Air can be blown in or sucked out.

The Oral inflator has a locking function (the knurled barrel section screws up to lock or down to use) preventing inadvertently opening of the valve. The whole valve area of the bag can also be covered when the valves are not being used behind the Velcro flap.

Product Care:

Although the RHIP packs are designed to last, every now and then they may need some TLC!  Especially if you been testing them yourself in the briny!

Here’s some instructions for how to look after and extend the life of your RHIP pack;

Rinse your pack with clean fresh water
Ensure sand/grit and dirt is washed out of the zip, seams, magnetic locators and buckles
Preferably dry inside and not in direct sunlight
Make sure the pack is completely dry before preparing for storage

DO NOT put the pack in a washing or drying machine!

Material Specifications

Trilaminate Polyester
2 Ply Butyl, Polyester/Polyester laminate
DESCRIPTION: A double texture Polyester Fabric with a Butyl Rubber interply. P200P
TEXTILE: The base fabrics are of mass 85-95g/m² inner and 175-185g/m² outer fabric.
CONSTRUCTION: The interply between the fabrics is Butyl rubber with a mass of 200-220g/m²
Urethane sealed Triple stitched seams

YKK AQUASEAL® zips. Combining VISLON® technology with a new innovative seal between the zipper elements, AQUASEAL® allows a smooth and easy operation with perfect protection against the most severe weather conditions and extreme outdoor activities.

AQUASEAL® zippers are made from a high-quality plastic which is roughly half the weight of a conventional metal zipper. This makes AQUASEAL® zippers ideal for use in salt water environments.

Zips are 100% tested for watertightness

The patented fastener technology offers a number of advantages: it enables automatic closing and allows the fasteners to be opened in a user-friendly manner with just one hand – even when wearing gloves. The fasteners are also highly reliable, robust and secure.

This is made possible by the use of slidable neodymium magnets combined with stable mechanical locking. The result is an important feature of the fasteners: two different procedures are used to open and close the fastener.

When the fastener is closed, the magnets move towards each other due to magnetic pull and, once they connect, the magnets are automatically securely locked together by the mechanical locking functionality. When the fastener is opened, the polarity of the magnets is reversed by sliding them apart, for example by turning the fastener. This means that the magnets repel each other, supporting the opening procedure.

Buckles are made from Stainless Steel and Polyamide (PA6)

Buckles are tested according to GB/T 10125-1997; 48 hours continuous salt spray

The Warranty

The RHIP packs are made by Extreme Cases in the UK using high quality tri-laminate material, triple stitched, and urethane sealed, combined with watertight YKK zips.

Over the last 10 years, Extreme Cases has gained a unique reputation for producing high quality rugged cases and back packs for extreme environments.

We’ve taken all that experience and put it into the RHIP product.

They are designed to survive just about anything you and the environment can throw at it!

Just to make sure, each pack is inflated and tested in our inhouse tank before sending out into the world.

Every RHIP pack is guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for three years.  In the unlikely event you do experience a problem during that time, then please send it back for The Extreme team quality guys to have a look at. If they are satisfied that a product is defective and taking into account what they regard as fair wear and tear from the natural life of the pack, they will repair or replace it free of charge.

At this point we need to say that Extreme Cases Limited (RHIP) is not responsible for any damage to contents of the packs.

We pride ourselves on customer service and product quality, so let us have any  feedback on the product in order that we can  continue improving our quality and design.

Send general warranty and care concerns to hello@rhip.co.uk